Discord Bot Error!


Hi, pls help me!
no errors, but the commands on my discord bot don’t work!


Hi, pls help me!
no errors, but the commands on my discord bot don’t work!

Greetings, I need help with a mistake.

It looks like you had a syntax error in one of your files that got fixed, and I see what seem to be results from a Ping command. Are you still having problems with your bot’s commands?


Evet problem devam ediyor. Sorry I’m do you not speak english


Yes, the problem continues.


I see some errors in your logs around quick.db commands that might be relevant. The command looks fine to me from a quick scan of their docs, so you might need to do some digging or ask around on their site / discord to see what’s wrong with that command.

Aside from that I see you’ve got multiple message handlers; I’d suggest adding some console.log() messages to those to see if any of those are being executed, as well as adding the same to one of your commands while you test to see if you can sort out where it’s breaking down.

If none of your commands are working then I’d start my search in your bot’s main file, since it seems like something there might be disrupting communication with your commands.

Hopefully someone else with more bot-writing experience might have some more specific advice.


I’d appreciate it if you could start a search.


I’m afraid that’s beyond the level of support we can offer as a general rule. I don’t think the issue is with Glitch, and it doesn’t seem likely to be related to your project running on Glitch. If I can find some time I may be able to look more closely, but I can’t promise anything, and it’s even more difficult to troubleshoot something like this without being able to interact with the bot itself.