Discord Bot Going Down with uptimerobot


So I have my project but it seems to go down when I close my tab. I used uptime robot at the start and its been working fine but a little bit ago, the discord bot keeps going offline when I turned off my PC. I’m not too sure why…

Everything is fine and it works, no errors or nothing.
Here is a picture of the uptime robot page: http://prntscr.com/r9gg1l

In all honesty, I find UptimeRobot to be unreliable and I too experience outage issues. I like to have several applications pinging my Glitch project just to be safe. I’ll use this in addition to UptimeRobot and my bot is online more.

I hope I could help.

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Thanks! But I just don’t understand why it stopped working all of a sudden everytime I shut down my PC.

I’ll recommend to use FreshPing :slight_smile:

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:confused: It only worked for a little bit with freshping and the other one. I don’t understand what’s going wrong… @GhostSlayer @edwrddd (it goes offline now when i close the tab again even with uptime robot, freshping and alive.)

I think your project doesnt give any response. Try to put that code below to your code:

const http = require('http');
const express = require('express');
const app = express();
app.get("/", (request, response) => {
  console.log(Date.now() + " Ping Received");
setInterval(() => {
}, 280000);

You can also try websitepulse.com

I use cron-job.org.
When there are many projects, awake is useful.