Discord Bot Help

I have a RoleDeleter protector on my discord Bot must do if someone delete a role reopen it and give the members back who have the role But i have a
(node:6031) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: DiscordAPIError: Missing Permissions
Error pls help me

Hello @Aral31 it seems that your bot is not the permission necessary to execute this action.

@zeis974 yaeh i know but bot have the permissions ALL OF THEM

You can only add roles below the role of the highest bot. Bots start at the bottom of the list, so you need to move it to the top of the list in server settings -> role tab so that it adds roles below it.

It should work

Bot on the top of the all roles and have adminastor perms

The DiscordAPIError: Missing Permissions error is most often caused by it is some cases (they still exist which can cause this error) :

  • He does not have the proper permssion
  • It tries to perform an action on a guild member with a role greater than or equal to the highest role of your robot.
  • He tries to modify or assign a role greater than or equal to his highest role.
  • It attempts to perform a prohibited action on the owner of the server.

If all the reasons given are respected, I don’t see where the error can come from… :thinking:

Everything is not avaible i can check if you want i can give you project to see it

Yes i could inspect it