Discord Bot High CPU usage, visual error?

Hello, my bot has everyday over 100% cpu usage, but my bot responds pretty fast, is that a visual error or real?


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If this is constantly showing that it may not be an error. You may want to work on reducing CPU so the project is not suspended.

Yeah, it shows 100% likely 24/7.

Sometimes the CPU counter can bug out but if it shows 98% consistently it is probably right.

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Okay. Im trying to implement a fix for that so my project doesnt get banned.

grep 'cpu ' /proc/stat | awk '{usage=($2+$4)*100/($2+$4+$5)} END {print usage "%"}'

Run that in your projects console, if the result is the same as what the container stats show, then it is the correct value, otherwise there is probably a bug,


So its a Glitch bug?

Its showing 31% on console but 100% on App Status :slight_smile: Thanks for helping Callum-OKane and RiversideRocks


Same thing happens to my project, too for some reason!

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Unless there is something wrong with what I provided, it could be a glitch bug.
@glitch_support will take a look :slight_smile:

Even in another project I have, the container shows a lesser amount of CPU
than it shows in console.

I’ve tried this myself and it isn’t accurate. The project status reports 4% usage whilst the command shows 15%. This is because multiple projects run on the same host, and the command gets the total CPU usage for all projects running on the host combined.

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Tried it again in a project with 0% cpu (a VERY simple discord bot) and got like 60% on console.

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Seems the command doesn’t show the correct numbers…

For any project

I’ll notify @support_staff!

This also explains why my CPU has been shooting up to 140%!

Hey all! Thanks for reporting this. I’m investigating and will follow up when I have an update.


I don’t know why I posted here, just thought it was funny :^)

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glitch is glitchy

that is my answer

badum tsssssssssssss

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