Discord bot IP banned by API


Hey Glitch. I am here to inform that one of my bot’s has had his IP banned by the Discord API. I’m wondering if you guys could move the project into a new one? It’s a painful process I don’t want to go through again. Thank you very much :slight_smile:



Hi @Link-Byte, welcome to the Glitch forum! Sorry for the bother; this is a problem that crops up every so often, and it’s pretty much out of Glitch’s control. We try to be proactive about it, but sometimes the first people to see the problem are Discord bot authors.

I did just migrate projects from a couple of hosts that were banned earlier this morning; if your bot is still having problems please let us know the project name and I can see if it had been on one of the hosts that was banned.



Apparently, it just magically came online after a 8H downtime. I appreciate the help. I will let you guys know if this happens again, I’m just using Glitch because it’s hard to afford a host when you don’t have funds. I do like Glitch a lot, but I want my bot to withstand everything :slight_smile: