Discord bot issue | Project name: knotty-budget



I’m having some issues with my project. I can’t get my bot to start.
I tried making it dependent on Uptimerrobot, but i can’t start it now.
If someone could please try to figure the issue, or how to fix it.

If you want to be able to edit, please contact me in a PM.

When i try to start it by pressing Show it goes into unlimited “Starting…”, and node bot.js and stuff doesn’t work either.


Seems strange… Is there anything in your project logs?


I’m being spammed every few seconds with " parse error: Invalid literal at line 1, column 5 "
Otherwise than that no.


Hmm weird. The URL of your project is displaying "This bot should be online! Uptimerobot will keep it alive". Would you mind DMing me a project link?


I don’t know how to pm. If you can just send me a message i’ll reply.


I think it’s fixed now. Thanks @xXProGamerXx.
Only issue now is i don’t know how to start the bot without a command, if anyone can explain that to me.


I’m confused as to what you mean. Could you please elaborate?


Glitch will automatically start it but you could do refresh to refresh it @darknessgamingdk