Discord Bot Issues

Hey there so, I am getting issues with my Discord Bot using discord.js


  • This is an error I am getting:
    2019-09-27T11:02:07.248Z '[ws] Attempted to destroy WebSocket but no connection exists!' (node:417) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Something took too long to do.

  • It should log Bot#1873 is ready, but it isn’t logging that.

  • It also logs this as a part of the debug:
    2019-09-27T11:04:43.896Z 'Authenticated using token TOKEN_WHICH_IS_VALID'

I tried running the refresh command at the Glitch Console, and resetting the bot token, but none of these helped.

Welcome to Glitch Forums!

As the error suggests, the client token is invalid.
Direct message your project collaboration URL so I can take a closer look.

Furthermore, follow the instructions here: discordjs/discord.js/311942193 and catch the error from login() to see if we can sort out where the breakdown is occurring; it might show us a little more detail.

Happy Glitching!

Alright, thank you. I will message you a project collaboration invite. Thanks for helping me! :smile:

Edit: Uh, I am sorry but… How do I message in this forum?

@dhBunny, check these instructions out:

To message (private message) someone, open their profile (by hovering over their profile picture) and click on Message to direct message them.

I don’t see that button, sorry. (Sorry if I give much troubles, I am new to this forum)

So apparently, the issue is Discord banning IP for projects. In that case, you should contact a Glitch staff member instead.

@Glitch_Response, please take a look at this request.

On it! Thanks @chroventer

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Nevermind, the bot is online now. Thank you for your help, though! :+1: