Discord Bot List Website Help

I made a bot list and it is stuck on the starting screen. How do I make it begin to not do that?

How long have you waited? Has node_modules been removed and replaced with new and installed ones? That can take time.

Just did it. let me see if it is fixed now?

Also what do you mean @code-alt ?

By what? Installing node_modules?

yea. do i delete then re-install? that what u mean @code-alt

Yeah, if that doesn’t work it’s something wrong with your code.

how long can it take?

Probably a few minutes, depends

Hi there - are you serving an index page (listening on port 3000) in this app? If you are, can you let us know what the errors in the project logs are? If that’s sensitive info, email us at support@glitch.com with the name of the project so we can investigate.


fixed issue