Discord Bot Maker restart Bot command?

Hi so I have a discord bot all setup and stuff but when I update it I dont want to have to restart the whole command and also I cannot type in my command prompt so I cant just type refresh I need code that can run with the “Run Script” action as I cannot find where the commands/actions are stored for the project itself otherwise I would code it in myself so can anyone please put code that will run when put into the “Run Script” action so that it will just refresh the bot or restart the bot after using s!refresh as that is my command I am trying to make run the restart/refresh command.

its a bit different then running it locally. you need to specify a script in your package.json and then it will auto restart/boot whenever the project is updated or accessed. you dont need to run a command every single time anymore. that does still work but it is a pain to do it when it isnt needed

Hello! You can restart your bot by first copying everything in package.json file, then deleting them and wait for the console errors to pop up, when errors pop up put in the code back and wait for the “Bot is ready!” text, when that pops up your bot has been restarted.

@ClearlyElevated @Neppkun Which package.json? there are lots

there should only be one package.json when you export your bot project. I usually write everything by hand. but i do own all of the different bot maker programs for a review i am making. I could be confused. but you are in-fact referring to a exported bot project right?

yes the package.json in the folder just straight up below bot.js?