Discord bot not connecting to the token | Banned IP i think

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Something took too long to do

project-name: friskbot

Please fix it

Hey @Koala4Dev, this seems to be a private project. I can take a look using my admin account, but I need your permission to do so (saying you permit me to examine it here on the forums is sufficient).

May I use my admin account to look at your private project’s code?

yes please
i give you perms to enter

@angelo i give you permission to access my project with your admin account

@angelo @Koala4Dev I think this error happens when Discord bans one of Glitch’s servers in which the bot is hosted and I think @Koala4Dev report his project name in this thread: Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)???

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Thanks! I took a look at the project (which is returning an OK in the browser) and while I saw the same error message in the logs, I didn’t really see anything that jumped out as a problem. I see that you’ve already posted this in Discord Ban mega-thread the second! — our team regularly reviews this thread and will help you get your project working again!

@angelo **The bot is big, and i need you to fix it fast please, **

there is people wanting you the bot right now.

@Koala4Dev They don’t have super speed. You have to wait for someone to get the server unbanned. Until then, I recommend you remix a project and only use it if things like this happen.

i ready tried remixing but gives the same errors

Can I see your packages? Also, try to use a new token.

I mean make a new bot and use that token.

Projects are held on similar IPs, just note that. @Koala4Dev

i ready regenerated the tokens 3 times

that’s why isnt working right? If i remix it

A new bot, witha new token.

Also, make sure that you don’t have any packages that may cause this error. (It has happened to me with DBL)

NOO my bot is big, i can create a new one noo

is even going to get verified

Discord Bot List can cause this error?

Oh lemme check this if it’s giving error

Just give glitch some time, they often check the bans.