Discord bot not logging in

my discord bot isn’t logging in, even though my code and token are fine

Error logs?

logging in wouldn’t be an issue to do with that.

yeah, i know uptimerobot and such aren’t working, but i can’t even log in, and there are no error logs, it just says ‘Your app is listening on port 3000’

mind sending me a private dm with the invite link so I could take a look?
Although it could be an issue with glitch as its still partially down

If a discord bot isn’t booting and coming online or logging in basically the same thing

no, you said it was to do with pinging. If the editor is launched and the user has the project online it should work.

The project being not pinged has nothing to do with it not logging in

i’ll send a dm 1 sec

I ve got the same problem. I have found so far that if I make client.login(process.env.botToken); async, then it just stop there. If its not async then client.ws.status return 3, but I have no idea, what’s this error code and I was unable to find it (logged in is 0). The only way how I got it working back was remixing the project. After that and without any code change (except login token) it started working again…

It should just be token

Use the npm logs command to get you’re error logs