Discord bot not responding

After I put the fix to Uptimerobot my Discoed bot stopped working. Please help. :smiley:

Do you have any errors in the logs?

If not, keep in mind glitch is still having issues.

No. @RiversideRocks I don’t have any.

Likley it is this. My bot has been offline for a few days too :frowning:

Can I invite you to the project to help fix it please?

Oh okay! @RiversideRocks

My bot isn’t offline it isn’t working. @RiversideRocks

Have you ran
curl -I https://discordapp.com/api/v7/gateway
in the console?

No. @RiversideRocks Nobody ever told me too.

Can you run it and tell me the results?

Okay. I will I am doing it right now.

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Is that all? Can you show all the text?


I still wonder if it has something to do with the outage, but I will ping @Anish and @khalby786 because I am not fully sure what is going on here.

Okay @RiversideRocks

Write in this topic: 24/7 Monitoring your Glitch projects | Interval: 15 seconds
There they can help you with a probability of 90%.

@Awsomegameplay123 Try pinging google with curl https://google.com and show the results. That’ll let us know if your project isn’t working at all or just discord

Okay @EddiesTech I will.

@EddiesTech It no work