Discord Bot Not Working

It was working for about 18 hours, and then shut down. Even after refreshing, it refuses to start. I’ve tried moving it to a different project and changing the token, but it still refuses to work. All of my other bots
which are running pretty much the same exact code are working fine. No errors are being logged either.

Hi @azlentic - can you let me know the name of the project so I can take a look?

“atlanta-bot” is the name of the project.

thanks, i just restarted the app - can you let me know if it’s working for you now?

Yes, it is working properly now. Thank you!

Hello, with UptimeRobot, the bot stays online for a while, but after a while it goes offline. I have to restart it and even recreate a monitor. Why? What should I do to keep him offline all the time?

Actually i don’t know if this is where i should post this …

I still think that this is an issue with Glitch. My bot has also been on and off.