Discord Bot posting messages twice

This issue started happening today. My discord bot is posting two messages per call.

Upon further investigation, it appears to be pointing to two separate environments. I can make edits in my glitch environment that is private and this affects 1 of the messages, but not the other. Looking at my logs, I don’t see any changes by anyone else other than the internal editor for the json files.

I had previously looked at the rewind the day before to troubleshoot bad data in a json file, but did not roll back the project.

I also went through all of the other created projects to make sure none of them were copies of the project and verified the rest are separate projects I am working on. The project also has “Refresh App on Changes” enabled.

Am I missing a place to check for any duplicate projects?

Just read previous post regarding the degradation in hosting. I’ll hang tight.

Thank you Glitch Support for all your hard work on this!


@Tsuora, are you still experiencing the errors?