Discord Bot Project Suspended

Hi! Recently my Glitch Project, “leuxitai” (https://leuxitai.glitch.me) got suspended because I unknowingly broke the TOS. I read about this post that you can go on a automatic refreshing website to refresh your project, but then I came back to the post, and it was flagged against TOS. My agenda is, I at least want a download link to download all the files in it, so I can find continue finding a VPS for me to host in it (currently have 2 choices). Thank you! I promise not to break the TOS again (I have 2 bots in here as well). Sorry again.

Were you using a pining service?

read the TOS

If so, then it’s has to be that.

I wasn’t, but I got into an automatic website refresher. It’s that. I still want my files :weary:

Contact support@glitch.com for support about your project.

& @Fizuku Glitch Support Team usually reply to emails within 24-48 hours.

Letting you know.

Got it, thanks! I hope they at least give me my files made from hardwork.

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Hope you get your project back! :smile: