Discord bot randomly offline after weeks of no problems, but shows online on uptimerobot

Hello everyone,

I have made a discord bot which has been running pretty flawlessly for quite some time now. But since last night i’ve noticed that my bot keeps shutting down. I have not changed any of my code. And I have also tried the curl command in the console and I don’t see any problems in there. Also Uptimerobot says that my bot is still online after all this time. My project’s name is illicitbot

Glitch forces your project to shutdown every 12 hours (sometimes it doesn’t though). However, you can always use https://awake.glitch.me (created by me) as another pinger system (it pings every minute) as sometimes Uptime Robot is too late to ping as the project has already been shutdown etc. I hope this helps!

I have submitted my URL. But the thing is that I have had no problems for like 3 months until last night. @charliea21

Sometimes Glitch is a bit odd with their project system and it randomly goes mad whenever it feels like.

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