Discord bot restarts many times a day

i’m creating a discord bot in js but it restarts every 15~30 minutes
is there a way stop this? because my code uses discord.js collectors and users may get their data bugged if they were using the bot while it restarts

i do not know if it’s relevant but the bot receives a ping every 5 minutes by uptimerobot

thanks in advance!

Hey @koliron if your project is being pinged by UptimeRobot (and is showing as available for those pings) then for the most part it can be assumed that Glitch is working as expected. The next troubleshooting step is probably to figure out what your bot’s doing when the project shuts down to see if it’s causing something to go awry. You could also try handling the shutdown event to examine what’s going on in your project when it shuts down. Ways to comunicate with glitch gives a really basic example.

Also it’s worth keeping in mind that your project will always restart every ~12 hours, and there’s currently no way around that.