Discord bot returning "Something went wrong, please try later"

Created discord music bot, he’s online but when i type !play song name he says: something went wrong please try later.

Hi @Black_Gaming - what’s the disk space look like in your app, is it near its maximum? Send this info to support@glitch.com and we can take a look.

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Not sure this is a problem with your connection; the bot seems to have been online and responded perfectly fine. Could you show us the code where you try to get the song/the condition that leads to the response of “Something went wrong, please try again later?” Not sure if it’s a disk space problem since my music bot never ran out of disk space because I made it as efficient as possible since it was running on my computer at first, then moved it over to glitch.

Edit: I also just saw that discord sometimes bans some of the hosts, so that could be the issue. Run curl -I https://discordapp.com/api/v7/gateway in your console (following the instructions here)

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Sorry didn’t understand what should i send ?

The name of your project and if the disk space has hit its limit or not.

The bot is working now good and im also listening songs with the bot, now i have other problem maybe u can tell me what to do.
Thank you.

We ban using services like Uptime Robot used to keep bots awake. If you want the bot to be up 24-7 you should look into subscribing for Glitch Pro, which lets you boost apps and keep them awake. Glitch: The friendly community where everyone builds the web has the info!

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Okey got it, so the free starter pack is already included in my project or why I can’t bought it.

With a Glitch Pro subscription you get, among other things “Up to 5 boosted full-stack apps that are always on” which is what you need instead of something like Uptime Robot to keep your project awake. My apologies if I’m not understanding your question!