Discord bot shutting down unexpectedly when closing site

i am using uptimerobot everything but still after some time i close the site bot goes down unexpectedly i never got to find the exact time after it got down but it gets down i dunno my bot is on discord bot list and in a lot of servers it gotta be up all time due to the important functions it has

Hey @LEGENDARY-KING, welcome to the GLitch forum!

If your bot is stopping when you don’t have the project’s Editor open and you have UptimeRobot configured that typically means that UptimeRobot isn’t pinging the right address, so it looks like it’s keeping your botr awake from the UptimeRobot side of things but isn’t being seen as a request to the project. If you can share your project name and a screenshot of your UptimeRobot config, sometimes we can find a flaw and give you some guidance for how to fix it.

lemme confirm those things will get back to you soon

am closing the site as of now will see after 5 mins or more if the bots still up