[Discord] Bot Shutting Down

You’re already listening on a port. What problem are you trying to solve by adding the code?

Hi! Sorry. I figured it out.

Actually my bot still completely shuts down when I quit my glitch edit page even though I set it up according to these instructions: How to make a glitch project to run constantly?

Here’s how I set up the monitor in Uptime:

How are you establishing that your bot ‘completely shuts down’? Botkit Slack bots use webhooks so it isn’t necessary to keep the bot awake as it should wake in response to an incoming request. Nevertheless, your project is responding properly to a http request to lying-bus.glich.me, so it being hit by UptimeRobot would be enough to prevent it from sleeping.

It was a problem with not calling convo.stop() at the end! Thank you.

At first uptimerobot was not working but I decided to choose ‘port’ instead of ‘http’ and then chose the ‘https’ port and kept everything else what was said by @shindakun , and guess what it worked like magic. Thanks to discord.js, Glitch and uptimerobot for this successful project.