Discord Bot Starts Up but doesn't/is very slow to respond to commands


I am getting the socket hang up issue on my nate-bot project. It means my project is really slow in establishing a connection so I’ve tried to fix it with no luck (even doing enable-pnpm, git gc/git prune, changing token etc)

CPU seems to be high from this issue.


I have also remixed my bot project and tested to see if the socket issue went away. There are no issues when i tested the bot on a remixed project so I believe its just my nate-bot project that is having issues.

Any solution?

Had this issue for over 12 hours now, thought i’d bump this post. it is the Socket Hang Up Error

Project: nate-bot

Try to migrate you project

Hello @NTMNathan,

First of all, your issue might be because of the usage of the api, i would want to have a closer look.

If you don’t mind, to see the source code i need access to your project.

Have a nice day!

Hey @NTMNathan, as far as we’ve been able to tell the socket hang up error is related to a project’s communication with the Discord API and not with any problems in Glitch itself - if that’s not the case we want to know, but I haven’t been able to verify that. It’s possible that Discord is taking some action shy of banning a host or token that could be related to this - we don’t have useful line of communication with them about this stuff so we’re operating in the dark. If you provide your Remix’s project name I can look to see if it’s on a different host, although it’s very common for a Remix to start on the same host as the parent project.

You might see something like that when your project’s on a banned host (instead of the typical “Something took too long to do” message) but your project hasn’t been on a banned host for the last few days. High CPU could be related to communications issues if your project doesn’t handle them well - for instance if requests queue up when there’s a problem of some sort.


lapis-manatee is the project name.

Thank you for the reply, the remixed version of my project doesn’t seem to have the socket hang up issue thankfully.

But CPU is still pretty high on the remixed project

Update: Seems like everything is working ok. Will let you know if issue comes back again here :slight_smile: