Discord bot stops working

Im hosting a discord bot on glitch, but it unexpectedly stopped working suddenly. I didn’t change anything, but it just stopped. I tried moving the bot off of glitch, and hosted it on my pc, and it works. The bot seems to be having trouble with connecting to Discord. Anyone know why? Thanks in advance

Hey @GenryMg,

I believe I’ve had the same issue a few times before. What I did is remixing my original project, and changing the name so Uptime Robot would work.

I reckon it’s a file problem or something, but remixing seemed to work well…

Hope this helps:)

Hello @GenryMg, may I please have your project name for me to take a closer look? You can also always contact me on discord via DANK TH3 UNKNOWN?#4221

Hi @TH3_UNKNOWN . Sorry, I would prefer to keep my project private.

Thanks for your help though

Ok, i’ll try that, thanks!! :slight_smile: