Discord Bot stuck on Initializing node_modules, hold on

Hello, I keep trying to start my bot and my bot is stuck on starting and in the logs it just says “Initializing node_modules, hold on…”
The project name is “showpvpbot”

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Hi @EnchantedP, welcome the the Glitch forum! Can you try running the enable-pnpm command in your project’s console?

You can get to the console like this.

i realised you have a api token in your code. reset it before someone does something with it

Yep, someone just hijacked my bot.

Damn, that sucks. It happened to me before aswell. they renamed all my channels and sent racist things in each one.

That didn’t work. :frowning:

My apologies, I misinterpreted the issue; I think your stumbling over the fact that your project isn’t ever starting a listener on the open port. If you take a look at Glitch.me project appears down even though not - Uptime robot it should give you some idea of what you need to do.

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