Discord bot taking more time to respond and experiencing latency

My discord bot basically used to respond very fast but suddenly now its taking 3+ minutes before a response to a commands, for example i would use the help command, the bot would respond very late. I can’t tell how to fix this issue, or if its a glitch issue or my problem

Hello. Let’s take and go over those questions:

[] How much memory your project has while running?
] How much CPU usage your project has while running?
[] Does it say “OK” for status of your project?
] Does your project has memory leaks?
[] Does your project do some inefficient tasks (such as big calculations, loops and etc…)
] When this started to be happening, did you update your project in that time?

If you could reply as many as you can, I will try to figure out why your project (bot) is slow.

Memory: 44mb /512mb
CPU Usage: 0%
OK: True
Memory Leaks: False
Big Task: False
Update: False

Then I don’t know what it could cause it. What your bot does?

The bot basically does things such as welcoming users on discord and provides commands such as moderation commands, It has a low amount of commands running.

If it’s not a problem, could I look at your code (no edit permission needed) ? I will try to investigate. If I find something I will let you know. Few possibilities are that Glitch is causing it or either Discord API.

Yes, you can take a look at it.

Is it private?

I can’t open it.

It seems like your project is private. When we finish you can private it back.

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Ok, so I investigated quickly your project, and everything seems be ok. You can private it now. So one more thing, try run one of the commands that your bot has, and look at CPU usage and tell me how long it takes to respond.

alright, I ran a command, CPU usage went up to 3% and it took 1 minute to respond.

Okay, so I don’t know how to help you. However it maybe it can be caused by Glitch issues that are going on right now. You can click here to see current status of Glitch.

Wait out until Glitch solves the problem and try again if it works better.