Discord bot turning off although I have the project boosted?


So recently I’ve made a new bot and published it to this site for it to host. I have brought and boosted the project for 100% uptime, but for some reason, after a few minutes, the bot just goes offline. Weird thing is, the code is still running like its online.

The only way to turn back on the bot is by refreshing, and that gets annoying when I want to sleep with the bot being online.

My project name is: eminent-magnetic-pangolin

I can ping @glitch_support

This is the reason probably:

The bot is always doing something though as it has many events going off every second, mainly when someone sends a message, which is 99% of the time.

Just to clarify, when you boost your project it won’t automatically make any changes to the code. Can you try unboosting and boosting the app? My bot has had similar issues but doing that helped it come online.


I’ve tried that and it works for the most part for like 15 minutes, but then it goes back offline.