Discord Bot Uptime 12+ hours

Why is Discord Bot not working 24/7?

Because glitch project goes to sleep after being inactive for a while. You need to pay in order to get it to run 24/7

And how to do uptime 24/7 without pumping projects?

What do you mean by “Pumping projects”?

Can I make a project with uptime 24/7 without payment?

You’ll have to use a autopinger. But i think glitch will suspend yur project if they find out.

Is autopinger uptimerobot?

Check this out

I already tried to put a bot there, it worked for 20 minutes and went offline.

Hey @xyligan,

You can keep 20 of your projects online for 24/7. You can use a service like UptimeRobot to keep your projects online. Creating more than 20 projects only will suspend the project and prevent you from creating any more projects.


Hm, real? I can use UptimeRobot for 20 projects and this projects uptiming 24/7?

Its a new glitch rule.

Ok, thank you all users:)

Real? Please, reply me.

What do you need help with?