Discord Bot Uptime Error

Hey, sorry i don’t know. Thank you!

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There seems to be a lot of people having problems with uptime robot at the moment.
Try using a different service like Fresh Ping.

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Use awake.glitch.me it probably works the best.

Apart from my own of course :joy: (sorry for the shameless plug) I found Freshping works the best. I’ve never used Awake, mostly cause I don’t want to rely on a service made by the community, especially if it’s also on Glitch as we have seen that Glitch isn’t clean of outages. Which is funny, cause I am also making a status page monitor on Glitch, but we will move to a different host when it is ready.

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You can use Glitch alive - keep your projects alive

Seems to be issues with uptimerobot lately, but I think that is because the Glitch containers stop after 5 minutes, and Uptime Robot could not possible be able to ping all these millions of sites without killing their bandwith within 5 minutes. So the queue probably takes longer than 5 min.