Discord Bot very slow

Hey there,

I’ve noticed that my bot has been very slow in responding to commands. It has no issue such as the socket hangup I had before which is kind of related to this and the ping of the bot is really high. Would anyone know why it is doing this.


On average, the CPU is at 10%, Memory at 45% and Storage at 9%

There is no problem with any code, i’ve tried Enable-PNPM and Git GC and Prune to fix these problems. Even to a point i’ve tried to reset the token. No luck.

Project: nate-bot

Hi @NTMNathan! You might be running into a limitation of the Glitch platform. Your project sits on a machine with a bunch of other projects, and they share the total amount of available memory and CPU cycles. Sometimes your project might be on a busy host, which means it takes more time than usual for your project to get a turn to run.

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Thank you for answering! I’ll be aware of this if this happens in the future

This could also be your internet connection being slow while running your bot. This is totally normal.