Discord Bot wont login

So basically I have Discord bot which I’m hosting on glitch. It was running for half about a year but now it suddenly stopped logging in and I can’t find an issue. Glitch console is empty and I don’t know what to do with it.

The project name is “yui-discord-bot”, I would be really happy if somebody would help me.

Hey, can you check if the token of the bot is correct?

Yeah, I was checking it like 5 times just to make sure. If the token would be wrong apps should have logged something to console. Somethings is wrong with glitch cause I ported the app to Heroku and it worked like always.

Can you try running your bot in a new container/project?

Can I see your code please?

Sorry, I didnt say it before but back then it was a Discord outtage. As for now the problem’s fixed, but still thanks.