Discord Bots falling asleep

I’ve been hosting bots off Glitch for about 6 months now using Uptimerobot, and suddenly they are all falling asleep constantly, and I am having to wake them up every few hours. Is there a way to not have this happen?

Hey, I also have the same issue. What I found is Uptimerobt works sometimes and not all the time. I am trying out Awake to see how it does. When I checked out awakes thread it pings the bit every 1 munite. I will check back in within 2-3 hours to see if it does work.

You can also read the thread Awake Support before you begin using awake for your bots. I hope this helps


Glitch has been having some issues lately: status.glitch.com

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Those have all been fixed awake is better my bot hasent slept yet

UptimeRobot having issues with the pinging.

Agreed. Awake works a lot better.


You can also use my version of awake at: Glitch alive - keep your projects alive