Discord Cooldown Commands

I am trying to make a cooldown from my commands (The cooldown change depending on the command)
I have been struggling trying to find a way but I have found none :frowning: . I would appreciate if someone could help.

The trivial thing to do is insert a timeout into every command.
here’s an example:

 const talkedRecently = new Set();
    if (talkedRecently.has(message.author.id)) {
    // If user has cooldown
    } else {
    // Set cooldown

            setTimeout(() => {



            }, 3000); // Time


else, using quick.db, and add cooldown on db.

Well, in fact, You don’t need to use DB, There’s a things called Set(). So here’s a example of the code below with HOW IT WORKS:

var cooldown = new Set();
<client>.on('message', (message) => {
  // Now write the user ID to Set
  if (cooldown.has(message.author.id)) {
    // Tell to user if h/she's in Cooldown
    // It sends then do nothing.
    return message.channel.send("You're in cooldown.");
  // Add cooldown
  // Make a timeout so the user cooldown is gone after 3 second
  setTimeout(() => cooldown.delete(message.author.id), 3000);

  // Your code below.....

Not working :frowning:

Yours actually working but it won’t stop spamming “You’re in cooldown” any idea why? My discord bot token isn’t in another code.

Add statement at first: if (!message.content.startsWith("your-prefix")) return;

Why you should add that statement??

To make your bots respond only if the message starts with your bot prefix