Discord embedded

I’m trying to fiqure out how to use this feature of discord.
some times embedding doesn’t get reconized at all and sometimes it just keeps loading the embeded forever
I’m 99% sure, that I’m posting this the wrong place, I’ll excuse for that in adance

Edit: won’t let me insert any html code at all
just know that I’m trying some exempels from https://ogp.me/

start a new projects. and just simple paste the code in the header or footer.

you are talking about embedding your server correct?

I already did make a test, and the test did seems to work:

tho, for what ever reason, discord refuses to reconize the page, that I’m spesificly wanting to try it on
at first I thouth perhaps the fact, that I’m using php is somehow ruining it?

I assume you guys wanna see the code inside the head tag so here it is:
(Coming later, sence I can only post one image in a post)

So, do you guys see any flags as for why it might not work?
incase, its in any value at all, this page is hosted by nitrous networks and its running on an addon domain.
the file this is inside is of type php.
Thanks for wanting to help

again I most likely posted this in the wrong section, probably even in the wrong forum for all that I know lol

All of your code seems fine.

Sometimes it can take a while for Discord to recognise that you’ve added something. Most likely if you sent the link to your website a bit earlier (under 1hr or something) then Discord caches any tags if found. The cache resets every hour or so. Essentially, you’ll have to wait for Discord to re-cache the link.

Its the next day now, yet it seems discord still just refuse to reconize it.
is it possible that php get data is confussing it somehow? like
anyhow, there is 100% somekind of obvies thing I’m missing, I just have to find out what it is

This might seem a bit of a stupid answer but are you sending the correct link?

Yeah I am.
I doubble checked all the links multiple times before I even made the test.
Infact all the links are copyed directly from my browsers adress bar when I worte it

Could you please send the results when you run a test on your website at https://opengraphcheck.com/ ?

No Open Graph implementation found!

is the response, weird, but the website is using those exact headers

ohh hold on a minut I might know what there is going on

Ah, that’s why Discord isn’t showing anything. If you could put your Open Graph tags bellow the JS file then re-run the test again it should find the tags.

Ahhh I’m an ideot…
I’m making a website for this company, and sence they don’t want their customers to view their website before its fully done, I made it: require “./notdoneyet.php”;exit;
in the my main function file, does why discord got forwarded a page without the meta data lol

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You could always run the test website on another host and give them the link to that host and make the main host display a message.

True, though I’m lazy.
this seems to be the punishment of being lazy :smiley:.
Thanks for somehow making me think about that… else I whould still be sitting withthis for the next 10 years :stuck_out_tongue:

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