I can’t install the correct version of discord.js-commando, anyway to do it manually. I tried in console and got this error:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :grinning:

Hi @brazzmo can you provide your project name, or barring that the contents of your package.json, and we can take a look?

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Here is the link to the project:

Looks like the version in package.json (0.10.0) is the latest according to https://npmjs.com/discord.js-commando, you don’t need to run anything in the console.

The docs (I think, can’t find where I read this) told me to install v11.2, which I was trying to do.

Well there isnt a 11.2 version of Commando, maybe they were referring to discord.js? The latest stable version of discord.js is version 11.4.2 (although version 12 [master] has more features)

You’re probably correct, sorry if I inconvenienced any of you. My stupidity some times gets the better of me :grinning:

Not at all - easy to make mistakes with all the different versions there are to track!