Discord.js help :))

Help me with a +snipe command lol

I have a console logger going into a .txt using

client.on("messageDelete", (message) => {

myConsole.log(`${message.author.tag} deleted ${message}`);

//and I have a +snipe that sends the whole file - but what i want is to be able to do +ping [USER] and then it does something along the lines of;
   if(command === "snipe") {
 let mention = message.mentions.members.first();
//then a way of filtering threw the file to something like;
 let camp = last (mention) in output.txt
message.channel.send(`${canp} was deleted by ${mention}`)

please can someone help :))

if you want further clarification ask me on here or discord: Ariana Grande#6020

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