Discord.JS / Something took too long to do


Hey @Cikarin3 we had another host banned by Discord. I’ve moved all the projects from this host, so your bot should be up and running again.

Let us know if you have any further problems!


Hello, I’m having the same issue once again lol. I’m guessing that Discord banned the host again. My project is called zielo-rules.


Oh nevermind, my bot seems to be up and running with no issues. Thanks again though!


Nvm it was actually discord having outages and serious issues,


heh, I feel like a regular to this thread. The two projects of mine that had been banned have been struck again. On an unrelated note, is there a way to see what host a project is on from the editor?


Hi @Andromander we did have another host banned by Discord. Only one of the bots you’ve previously mentioned was on that host, and it’s now been re-homed, so things should be looking up. Let us know if you see further problems.


maybe its an thing whit the connection problem whit discord i got the problem now


My bot is having the exact same issue. I wonder what is causing discord to ban all these hosts :thinking:


We had another banned host which we’ve emptied - all your bots should be finding new hosts and no longer be having trouble connecting.

The most likely cause is that there’s one or more bots that are violating some aspect of the Discord terms of service, and when they get banned Discord bans that IP address, which causes an entire host to be banned on Glitch’s end, effecting whatever bots are running on the host.

We haven’t been able to find a way to work with the Discord team to resolve these issues yet. Luckily they’re not all that common in general. That said this is really the only strategy open to us, and we’re sorry for the frustration.


Hello it’s been about 2 weeks that my bot works very well but I once again received this error, the name of my project is odium-bot

Error: Something took too long to do.

at timeout.client.setTimeout (/rbd/pnpm-volume/51b31f91-b1da-449a-b956-85c4e0ef9cf2/node_modules/.registry.npmjs.org/discord.js/11.4.2/node_modules/discord.js/src/client/ClientManager.js:40:57)

at Timeout.setTimeout [as _onTimeout] (/rbd/pnpm-volume/51b31f91-b1da-449a-b956-85c4e0ef9cf2/node_modules/.registry.npmjs.org/discord.js/11.4.2/node_modules/discord.js/src/client/Client.js:433:7)

at ontimeout (timers.js:436:11)

at tryOnTimeout (timers.js:300:5)

at listOnTimeout (timers.js:263:5)

at Timer.processTimers (timers.js:223:10)

Thank you for any help I hesitated to open another topic desolate for disarray ^^


Hey @zeis974 we don’t have any currently-banned hosts, so there’s nothing for us to do on that front. We’ve seen on occasion where Discord will ban an IP address but subsequently unban it without any apparent action, so maybe that’s what’s happened in this case?

If you’re still experiencing the problem, though, then I suggest you open a new topic - it seems likely to be specific to your bot and not more widespread.


OK thanks for your help


Hi @cori
Same issue. Project name is paint-donkey. My other bots are working fine its just this one
https://paint-donkey.glitch.me/ help me


There’s not currently a project with that name. Did you rename or delete it? Let us know the current name and we’ll take a look. Thanks.


I used the remix to clone it and delete the previous one, it is already working again


Pleased to hear it - let us know if you run into any other issues.


Hi, I just started having this problem today with my bot, kakuhou-surgeon. It’s a private application, but I can send an invite link if you need to look at it.


Yeah I am having the same problem.


Same! It’s happening again…


Nevermind… it fixed itself