Discord.JS / Something took too long to do


It’s just being really slow for me right now…


Mine still isn’t fixed.


Still waiting for any response, please reply ASAP there’s a server relying on that bot.


Please let us know the name of your project and we’ll take a look.


It’s a private project so I will send you the link in private


Having the same issue. Started a couple days ago the bot went offline , The project is private so if you need the link I will privately send it.

Edit: Remixed the project to fix the issues. You guys should really talk to discord though about why they are blocking your ips.

Edit 2: Well, ok apparently it isn’t entirely fixed commands are duplicating
I remixed the project but forgot to regen my token all is fixed now (at least with the edit 2 issue)


We can confirm the problem is caused by Discord banning some IPs. We’re in the process of moving impacted projects on to new IPs, so your projects should begin to work again soon.

If you see this error in your own project and haven’t already let us know the project name - then let us know and we’ll get you back up and running shortly.


Please don’t double-post.


We don’t have any banned IPs at the moment - it looks like your project had the debugger running. I’ve disabled that - let me know if you still have a problem. Thanks.


Please be aware due to the free nature of this platform; people that don’t know how to code and abused Discord’s API and thus Discord has banned some Glitch IPs.