Discord Moderator - Smart moderation in the bot

Discord Moderator - A simple module for adding moderation to Discord bot.
Downloads Stable Build
Installing: npm install discord-moderator

Node.js 14.0.0 or newer is required.

const { Client } = require('discord.js');

const client = new Client();
const Moderator = require('discord-moderator');

const moderator = new Moderator(client, {
  muteSystem: true,
  warnSystem: true,

  muteConfig: {
    tableName: 'mutes',
    checkCountdown: 5000

  warnConfig: {
    tableName: 'warns',
    maxWarns: 3,
    punishment: 'tempmute',
    muteTime: '12h'

client.on('ready', () => {
    console.log('Bot started!');

client.login('YOUR_BOT_TOKEN_HERE'); //https://discord.com/developers/

Download, check and write your opinion!


:wave: Hello! Is this hosted on glitch?

Pretty cool, also welcome back @xyligan !

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This is the npm module. The Glitch must be present :wink:

Yes thank you :hugs: I am glad to return to the vastness of the Glitch community. Monitor Bot is no longer working, but it can be revived if users wish)