Discord Music Bot

Hello, I heard of an friend that you can get banned if you use an Music bot on Glitch. Is that true?

That my friend is false, however, your music bot can be removed if it goes against the ToS, so can your account. The Glitch IP may be banned if it’s abusing the API.

Hope that helps.

P.S.: There is two ToS’, Discord Developer ToS, and Discord ToS.


Thank you a lot man!

The only reason that my brain can think of is if you download copyrighted music to the container, although the Glitch team is probably friendly enough to give you a warning and remove the stolen file. You may have trouble hosting any bot at this time though due to some shady bots ruining the fun for the rest of the Glitch users.

I’m pretty sure the IPs were unbanned, since some of my bots that were affected work fine now.

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Hi @anon24070956 ,

So it isn’t like I will setup songs in the bot but it will search on YouTube (maybe soundcloud too etc but don’t care), There is a lot of bots with music what do the same as example Rythm and Dyno what doesn’t have an license but they just search on YouTube.

Cheers, Timo

Thanks for the update, I was not sure :slight_smile: