Discord.py no longer supports Python 3.5.2

Hello! I have a Discord bot that has been running off the Discord.py library for a while now, and it recently went offline and is unable to come back on. The error it’s giving is that Discord.py requires Python 3.5.3 or greater, and Glitch runs 3.5.2. Is there any workaround for this at the moment, or any way to update Python? Any help would be appreciated!

Project name (if it helps): sawickipedia-exe

Try downgrading discord.py version

Downgrading the discord.py version to one that supports the older python version should work

How would I downgrade Discord.py, though? Currently, in .requirements.txt, I have this line to install Discord.py:
With this, I can’t successfully change the version on it to a lower one, as it automatically installs 1.2.3 (the newest one). If I make it so that it’s no longer a Github link, and just try to import discord.py[voice] directly, the only versions it can recongize as available for downloading are 0.16.12 and below, which is far too different from the current one and completely incompatible with my code.

Hey @Kyle_Sawicki unfortunately until we get to upgrading Python in the containers I think you’re out of luck. You can specify the version you’d like to install by using something like git+https://github.com/Rapptz/discord.py@v1.0.0#egg=discord.py[voice] to specify a version, but the last version that’s compatible with Python 3.5.2 is v0.16.12, which you indicate is incompatible with your code.

Hopefully we’ll be able to release Python updates “soon”. Sorry for the bother!

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