Discord Rickroll meta

Rickrolls that are based on metatags. So when a robot (e.g. Discords embed metatag crawler) visits the site, it gives false meta tags about something going wrong, but when a human visits, “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…”

How does it work? Depending on the user agent, it will either give the rick roll video or fake metatags to trick the user into clicking on it to show the rick roll video.

How to prank somebody

  1. Remix the project
  2. Send the project link to somebody over something like Discord or Discourse. Not over text messages.
  3. Share a screenshot of their reaction below in the replies below

Project URL:

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It won’t happend.

My RickRoll Project (https://mlg.glitch.me) isn’t suspended till today :joy:

i’m so gonna try this :rofl:
oh no its not connecting