Discord server count on website

i whant to have membercount on a website as a live thing

I would reccomend looking into discord APIs or discord widgets.

any docs or something for me?


not that, i whant like
Members: 501
like the youtube sub count thing but with discord server members

You could use discord APIs to build something like that.

ohk? humn ok. illl try

i just need some API’s, but cant find

This has stuff for the guild.

thanks, ill go check it out

Check the member count section.

<a href="http://statcord.com/discord" target="_blank">
    <img src="https://discordapp.com/api/guilds/608711879858192479/embed.png" alt="Discord" height="30">

Make sure to put your Discord Invite & Your Discord ID in the right places.

ok. ill try to use this!!!

but is it possible to get all, not only the online?

Not via Discord themselves. You’d have to manually connect with Discord’s API to get all users.

how do i do this? Any NPM package or something?

You could make a Discord bot that checks every few minutes or so.
I’m not aware of any NPM modules but thats cause I normally use the Discord Bot Method.

can you send a example code? im kinda new to coding websites

I’ve got nothing I can really show to help you there.

i got no idea how im guna do this