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Currently, I have a discord bot, and I want to have a command that can do something in roblox, for example if I say ;test it would do something inside of a roblox game.

All help is appreciated, thanks!

Maybe Roblox has some sort of api. But if you can run a command for any game wouldn’t that be hacking unless it’s your game?
Here’s a link to some Roblox apis. (https://api.roblox.com). But directly changing a Roblox game that’s someone’s else from a discord bot might be considered hacking.

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You cannot use the Roblox API to change stuff in a game. The only way is using HttpService in your game and have some api on your project. And maybe send a get request to your API endpoint every few seconds.

Roblox doesn’t allow a webscoket connection so you can’t do it in Real Time.

Your api Endpoint can maybe return some sort of queue with stuff that haven’t been handled by your game yet.

If you need any help let me know, i’m also a Roblox developer

Also, Roblox has other api endpoints, but those require a .ROBLOXSECURITY cookie

Hey, I have never really done this but try using apis of you own. So, when you send a GET request to you roblox game, it should return a post request. (Note this is really advanced. So it will probably not work. This is also risky because, if you leak the api auth code, you are screwed.

You can also use roblox ts but, you would need to have a a vps running windows.

@AviaSkip Try using npm package bloxy which has source code on Github

He means in game. Also, Noblox is recommended.

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