DIscordAPI error: unknown message with bulkDelete

Hello, so I have implemented a purge feature to my bot but what happens is every single time I try to purge a certain number of messages or I purge all messages with (*), I get an error that prints UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: DiscordAPIError: Unknown Message, I tried alot of things, I checked if I had included a catch block to every bulk delete, checked where the error was throwed but apparently it was not even throwed inside one of the catch blocks, I also checked if the number of entered entered was inferior to the number of fetchedMessages, but that did not change anything and I also verified if the error came from somewhere else but that wasn’t the case so it only happens in my purge command here is the code: https://github.com/AlexSimpler/DiscordBot/blob/master/commands/utility/purge.js.
Thanks in advance.

You’re trying to use parseInt on the string *.

No I use parseInt in the first case where a number is input, I convert to a number, because if I did args[1]+1 and args[1] was 1 for example that would have been equal to 11.