DiscordAPIError error


I was developing my Discord bot when I got a DiscordAPIError. (UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: DiscordAPIError)

After searching on internet I found 2 similar topics : one 40 mins ago but one 2 months ago (Discord API Error). Following to the informations on the second one I would like to know if it’s on my side or due to the same error. For sure if it’s the same error here are my project settings:

Project Name : sticky-anglerfish
Project website : https://sticky-anglerfish.glitch.me/

Thank you for any answer,

We’ll take a look and see if the Project is on a banned IP.

Many thanks for keeping me updated!

This project was on an IP address that Discord have banned. We’ll take a look at the project and move it on to a new IP if all is well.