DiscordAPIError: Unknown Message

I don’t know what it’s from

How do I fix it !?



Hey @OzgurTR it looks like we’re only seeing a portion of the error message, so that makes it hard to tell what’s up. Can you give us the full test, and perhaps also tell us your project name?


@cori project name is rikka-tr-bot


Thanks for provided cori the project name, can you provide the full error for other people to help aswell, as cori is the only one who can see the full error as he is in your project!


Hey @OzgurTR I’m looking at https://glitch.com/~rikka-trbot, but there are a few that have something like that in their domain, so please let me know if this is the wrong one!

I’m seeing DiscordAPIError: Missing Access at the start of that log output. Based on the other contents (specifically the reference to snekfetch) I’m guessing that you have a command that’s trying to access an file, perhaps an avatar image, and your bot doesn’t have the appropriate permissions.

All the stuff in that error about UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning is (I believe) a side-effect of the fact that discord.js hasn’t completely caught up to more current versions of Node, and isn’t properly addressing rejected promises. The log messages about DeprecationWarning: Collection#find: pass a function instead are coming from discord.js itself - somewhere your code is accessing a collection of items in a deprecated fashion. Since that’s happening after you console.log('memberChannel'), I’d suggest looking for that code and seeing what comes next to see if you can sort out that error.


Özgür anladığım kadarıyla bot kanalı bulamıyor ve kanala mesaj gönderemiyor bunun sonucunda da konsoluna böyle bir hatayı gönderiyor.


Sorun buysa, “Bilinmeyen mesaj” demedi ve “Mesaj gönderilemedi: izin hatası” veya çok benzer bir şey söylendi

The problem could be the bot is trying to send an empty message somewhere in your code, so try check to see if maybe this is the cause of the errors!


Bu hatayı en son aldığında yaptığın kod ya da değişikliğin ne olduğunu söyler misin genellikle böyle hataları database’den veri çekerken kanalı kontrol ettirmeden veriyi çekmeye çalışınca oluyor.


Lütfen ingilizce konuşabiliyor musunuz? Yardımcı olur.


Of course.But I speak Turkish for being OzgurTR Turkish


Ooo reis türkmüsün ya sonunda türk birini buldum :smiley: