DiscordBot Code wasn't saved

Hey guys, i am from discord ( LA | Surgical_Crow™#3233 )

Today i have added almost 1.5k line of codes. And i was testing it on my Discord Bot so, it worked so. i did that during the time when glitch was back for some time approx at 3:30 - 5:30 pm IST (indian standard time), After i had closed glitch, and opened it back after 15 minutes, i saw that, a single line wasn’t saved. It was not first time tho that i have closed glitch, When i was updating code, i left glitch several times, approx 5 times. But last time, anything wasn’t saved. I had too many important codes there, please let me know if @Glitch_Response can fix it from backend.

Humble request to @Glitch_Response

this issue appears to affect several people, i’ll ping @glitch_support but try to email them at support@glitch.com

Hi there @Surgical_Crow!
As I said in a reply to your over post about this, I have experienced this issue before, where your project is reverted for some reason. I fixed it by emailing support@glitch.com or creating a ticket on Happyfox. Allow them 24-48 hours to get back to you :slight_smile:

Hey Eddies, thanks, i didn’t check in another’s, sorry

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hey @EddiesTech

Should i write the codes again or its 100% sure my code gonna be back after glitch replies?

Your code will most likely come back as it did with mine. They take lots of backups in a short amount of time If you edit your project further, it may remove Glitch’s backups. Please refrain from doing any edits

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Is the rewind button not working?

In this case, like when my project got reverted, nothing shows in rewind. It also reverts rewind as well as the project. It’s as if Glitch reinstated a backup without you asking

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yah you are absolutely correct. i have tried to rewind the project. but it shows i didnt update anything at this time

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. i dont think i haven’t done any such kinda big update. like updating package.json (just putting a space to re-install the packages

Maybe other few small updates too

Anything edited at different time frames can push backups of :frowning: Best not editing now. They may still have backups. Ask for the latest.
Edit: would recommend removing the swear word otherwise your post might get removed or flagged :slight_smile:

hey which word

which post ? lmao

yah didnt update anything after you have asked me