Discordia bot in Glitch

Hello! Does Glitch support Discordia based bot? If it is, then how do I host my bot in Glitch?

Well… Sorry, but what’s Discordia? I did a quick google search and I didn’t found anything… :frowning:

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Discordia is a Lua wrapper for the official Discord API, and provides a high-level, object-oriented, event-driven interface for developing Discord bots. By using Lua’s native coroutines, asynchronous HTTP and WebSocket communication is internally abstracted in a way that allows end-users to write blocking-style code without blocking I/O operations.

Source: GitHub - SinisterRectus/Discordia: Discord API library written in Lua for the Luvit runtime environment

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I don’t know anything about lua, but its stated here that you can use it.

I guess that you can use lua file.lua at console to run it.

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