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Does anybody know if there are any rate limits?

There is on their API, but not through SMTP.

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I’m doing this using IMAP/SMTP

Was that test topic anything to do with this? @ihack2712 :joy:

Defintely not! :joy:

Yes it was, expect like two-three more of those :stuck_out_tongue:

Was kinda stupid, because I realized I won’t receive emails when I post test topics. I need a different account for that.

Why are you making test topics?

You see, I am wondering if support will be able to process requests even if we forward them via email as I am pretty sure it’s a verification thing. Like, they check the email against the account kind of thing

test reply    

@ihack2712 @automator how have you set discourse to send you an email when someone makes a topic? Doesn’t it only send you one if you are watching a thread or get mentioned?

Looks like it also sends for new topics:

Ahh. You’ve turned on mailing list mode. Maybe make a separate email and account for the bot. I imagine getting every topic and post sent via email may get frustrating :joy:

I am Having a Tough time Reading the API

Don’t read it, it is useless. :frowning: (from ihack2712 btw)

Their docs page takes about ten years to load, looks horrible, performs dreadful and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for the API itself.
Docs: docs.discourse.org

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I really want to make an Example in Javascript

Example for what?   

Json Parsing in javascript?

If you want to put your profile info on a page, you just need to make a request to the JSON file and parse it to get the stuff you need. Make them into variables. Then display them