Discussion/Idea - Glitch "premium"

I’m not sure if someone created something similar to this, but I decided a seperate thread would be great for this, especially to start a discussion and share our thoughts on Glitch premium. (I will be calling boosting ‘premium’ because it pretty much is).

Before glitch premium came out, I expected it to be something like “one project boost for a low price monthly” but it is quite different.

Let me start off with the price. I do kind of understand the price of $10 monthly, mostly due to being able to boost 5 projects with 1 subscription, however I will get to that in the next paragraph. Most people on Glitch are mostly teens that are interested in programming/find it as a hobby, so they do not have that kind of money to spend on supporting a service they use, which also receiving perks for doing so.

Secondly, “5 projects for one subscription” is mostly the factor driving the price to be $10 a month. Most people really only want to run their bot on Glitch, which is one project. I can imagine some members only use one project out of 5 because they don’t really need more than that.

Thirdly, I don’t know if this is intentional by Glitch, or they are planning to add it later on, but I do not like the idea that you can only purchase premium with a credit/debit card. Here are my reasonings:

  • A lot of people on Glitch do not have access to a card and can only pay with PayPal.
  • A lot of people do not feel comfortable (including me) to enter their card details on a website, especially for a recurring plan.

Lastly, other services offer much more for that kind of price, such as full root access, which allows people to host/run whatever they want as long as they are within the resource range. I understand something like this isn’t possible for Glitch, but I feel it’s still a bit too much. Though instead you get an easy and stylish interface, which I’d say is good.

What I would personally like to happen with premium: There are multiple tiers, for example people who only want to boost one project, can actually pay for one project, or people who have 2/3 projects and want them all boosted, can pay for 2/3.
And of course, implement the ability to pay with PayPal.

Please share your ideas here as well, I’m happy to hear and listen your opinions on this, and also this is just my personal opinion as a user who used Glitch for a long time.

TL;DR - Let people pay for what they want to use, not comfortable paying with a card, add PayPal support, make premium more ‘worth it’/decrease price.

Maybe make a Glitch currency which can be optained by adding ads to your website. Every ad view gives Glitch money, and every ad view gives the user Glitch money. After the user gets enough Glitch money, they can upgrade their project for free using that Glitch money.

Yes. Adding something to the footer for example:

Hosted with Glitch. Host your own projects today for free

Yes, and also ads like Google ads but driven by Glitch. Maybe people can pay to get their ads on Glitch projects ? There’s a huge amount of Glitch projects so making ads on Glitch projects would make a lot of views in total.

However, I wouldn’t want to enforce this. It would be the users choice.

Maybe you could you get some perks/discount for helping out on the forum (maybe regulars :wink: or how many likes/solutions you get)


I think that would be pretty difficult to implement and track, and most visits would most likely not be enough


That’s better than nothing imo, with time and people watching, if a project get attraction, the creator will profit from it and be able to scale the service to its needs without having to pay thanks to the ads.


This idea was not liked by many people when you last suggested it. :sweat_smile::wink::stuck_out_tongue: Although I personally like the idea.

For subscription services I tend to use this thing called privacy.com its basically lets you create “burner credit cards” from a single debit card which you can later delete if you choose to. Basically if your not comfortable sharing your card information from glitch dont let that stop you!


Somethings you can have glitch install for u, for example ffmpeg is preinstalled and so are many other languages.