Discussion: Unnamed more powerful offering

Glitch announced that they’re preparing a new offering. Let’s start a thread to discuss it!

Here’s their announcement below, from an email:

Hey there,

You’ve been using Glitch for a little while, and hopefully you’ve been enjoying it. There’s something special happening on Glitch soon, and we wanted to let you know about it.

We believe everyone should be able to create the web—whether that’s a personal website or a full-stack app—using Glitch. We’re about to get a whole lot closer to that goal.

If you’ve been creating with Glitch, you probably noticed that your project has a few limitations: a limited amount of memory and disk space, rate limits, and sleep mode after 5 minutes if no one is visiting (React rebuilds, hello).

There are pretty good reasons for those limitations: More memory, “always on,” and no rate limits for every one of the five million projects created on Glitch? Our server costs would go through the roof. We wouldn’t be able to provide the Glitch experience you love for as many people as we do.

But we know people want more . So we’re introducing something big: A way to build more powerful apps without those limitations.

Based on how you’ve been using Glitch so far, we thought you might be interested in getting an early look.

Sign up to be one of the first creators to know when we launch a more powerful Glitch.


We’ve always prided ourselves on being a bright little corner of the internet. That’s only possible because creators like you have decided to build a home here.

As we take the next step, we want you there with us. Let’s make your apps more powerful.

Your Friends at Glitch

P.S. — Sign up early enough and you might even get the chance to beta test our new product before we release it publicly.

And here’s a tweet on the subject: https://twitter.com/glitch/status/1230550563059904513

What an exciting milestone. I personally am more interested in finding creative uses for the free offering though. There are other hosting providers on my list to check out when I want to make the transition to paid services. I hope Glitch won’t reduce the free offering :crossed_fingers:!


Seems like Glitch are heading in the right direction with this. The incentive that you can just pay a little amount of money (I don’t know prices yet) to magically get an extra couple of GB of disk space of RAM can help boost their business. The thought of “hey, I need another gig of ram, oh look just $0.99 for 1gig extra of ram” makes Glitch seem scaleable - a thing most people expect from hosting providers. The fact that you can scale your project when you want will be great for users! No more paying for things you don’t need!

Although, there’s one downside of this. The web interface… If I was a paying customer I would be expecting and advanced dashboard panel, where it shows me stats of my project - all in one place and a professional look (sorry glitch but I hate the “childish” theme of your site).

I’m really excited for what Glitch has to offer to customers in the future and I entered my email as soon as I saw the tweet regarding all of this!

glitch staff members - pls add the option to pay with Apple Pay and stuff, it means lazy me doesn’t have to type in card details :slight_smile:


Sweet! Let’s what they have to offer. And @charliea21, I think the Glitch design is so Glitch-y!

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Ive just opted to be a beta tester! Nice work glitch!

hopefully it stays free however!

There’s an update on this! Beta applicants are sent a sequence of surveys, starting with one introduced by an email:

Thanks again for signing up for more information around beta testing our new features. We’ve been overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the number of people who said they were interested.

The next step: A quick interest survey so we can learn more about you and how you use Glitch.

As part of the beta test, each participant will be asked to fill out three surveys that will take about 5-10 minutes each. If that’s not you, that’s okay!

If you’d still like to have early access to test out the beta, would you please take a minute to fill out our quick interest survey? (link to the first survey)

Though we’d love to open the beta up to everyone who expressed interest, we have a limited number of spots available and cannot guarantee early access to everyone who responds. We’ll keep you in the loop for future testing and user research opportunities.

Your Friends at Glitch

Although be warned, right off the bat they ask for your real name:

  1. What’s your full name? (First + Last)
  2. What’s the best email to reach you at?
  3. Will you answer four short questions about your experience with code?
  4. Would you be willing to fill out a few surveys during the beta period?
  5. Would you be willing to talk with Glitch about your experience with the beta?

I didn’t intend to use Glitch as a real-name community, so I probably won’t make it past this point in the program :worried:

I’ve received the email too. And well I couldn’t resist filling in the form. :o

I’m hoping to see the new things Glitch offers in the future.

I checked my email every day for 5 days then all of a sudden today I realized I was checking the wrong email, so I filled out the form today(found it buried among a hundred glitch support emails).


Huh. Apparently it’s code name is Pufferfish. It looks to be some sort of paid feature. It’ll probably end up being called Glitch Pro.

EDIT: It appears there are a handful of features available. You’ll be able to boost your memory, disk space, possibly the CPU, remove rate limiting entirely, and prevent your project from falling asleep.

It’s not like Glitch will be sharing your information with everyone.

How the heck did you find out?

glitch can’t share our data with third party companies without our consent or they are breaking laws

@RA80533 That’s really cool that you were able to find out about that!

could it be inside information?

I really hope they don’t change the free plan, I’m really happy with it

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So far, it doesn’t look like they will. I wouldn’t worry,

I wonder if we will be able to host Discourse forums on a paid plan… it would be cool!

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You’d need at least 1GB RAM and a bit of storage so you can install the latest Ruby binaries. I believe you may need sudo permissions too. Oh and don’t forget removing the 4k requests per hour as you’ll easily hit that!

If Glitch does roll out paid features to upgrade RAM, storage, etc. Then I don’t see why you can’t run Discourse on Glitch.

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I’ve always wondered if you could run a “federated” social media site on Glitch, and after this update you probably can.

you could make a social media site on glitch with basic frameworks like jquery or database services like mongoDB